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Rhino Grip - Slip Resistant Additive

Price: $20.40
Item Number: RG
MATCRETE® Rhino Grip Slip-Resistant Additive is a finely ground polymer material for addition to concrete sealers for slip resistance and fine texturing. This additive can be added into most film-forming water-based and solvent-based sealers. Rhino Grip provides improved chemical and abrasion resistance, and is more comfortable to bare feet on treated surfaces than sand or aggregate additives. The product's low density and insolubility characteristics will help reduce settling and provide optimum performance in its various applications, without changing the viscosity. When a slip-resistant surface is desired, Rhino Grip puts bite on concrete surfaces and is ideal around properly prepared areas where water or moisture can accumulate. This includes walkways, driveways, garage floors, patios, pool decks and other surfaces.

Rhino Grip is designed to be incorporated into a suitable concrete sealer. Minimum addition ratios are 3.2 oz. per gallon and 16 oz. per 5 gallons. Additional Rhino Grip can be added, depending on the desired texturing effect. Do not exceed 8 oz. per gallon.

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